Human Resources Management

human resources management course

Course Titles

  1. Application Of Employment Act and HR Documentations (With Latest Amendments)
  2. Building Dynamic Human Resource Assistants / Clerks
  3. Critical Human Resource Skills For Non-HR Mangers & New HR Practitioners
  4. Developing Effective Human Resource Management Skills
  5. Developing & Effective Writing KPIs
  6. Domestic Inquiry Procedures
  7. Effective Domestic Inquiry, Investigations & Evaluation Of Evidence
  8. Effective Performance Management : Using KPI As A Measurement Tool
  9. HR Documentations & Standard Operation Procedures
  10. Handling Misconduct, Disciplinary Actions, Counselling, Grievance & Domestic Inquiry
  11. High Impact Interviewing Skills
  12. Preparation Of EA Form In Compliance To The Income Tax Act 1967
  13. Payroll Administration In Compliance With 2016 Relevant Acts Amendments
  14. Pembantu / Kerani Sumber Manusia Yang Berkesan
  15. Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Daripada Perspektif Akta Kerja 1955
  16. Training Needs Analysis In The Workplace
  17. Train The Trainer